Group Services

Domestic Violence

Using the Colorado DVOMB standards, treatment focuses on the core competencies. Competencies include concepts such as accountability, empathy, and understanding power and control behaviors. Our orientation provides pertinent information to help you successfully navigate the treatment process. We offer groups for both men and women.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Level II DUI Education and Therapy. We utilize evidence-based curriculum from The Change Companies.



Our Minimum 17-week program aids parents in developing child-centered parenting skills, co-parenting skills as well as effective communication with children.

Cognitive Restructuring

Our best thinking got us where we are. If your thinking led to legal charges, this group may be the perfect fit. Focusing on thinking patterns, perceptions, and communication group members learn new strategies in approaching life. We offer both Thinking For A Change (T4C) and MRT.

Turning Point Mental Health Services
Turning Point Mental Health Services

Substance Use/Relapse Prevention

Education focuses on how substances impact the brain, how trauma and family of origin impact the addiction process while providing individuals strategies for sober living.

Additional Services


Substance Abuse Evaluation

Domestic Violence Evaluation

Mental Health Evaluation

Monitored Sobriety


Urinalysis (Denver County approved)

Turning Point Mental Health Services